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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Does Malaysia adopt the right strategy in developing its country?

In my opinion, Malaysia has follow most right strategy as figured as Mintzberg’s strategy, which has plan,ploy, pattern,position and perspective strategies in order to reach as nowadays as developed country. Since after 1957, Malaysia has exposed many crucial problems but they have been solve by good solution by indicating strategy that rules by the government.

Some problems such as 13 May 1969 black tragedy lead to government to plan the developing the new era by established and determined the restructuring of the societies in order to have balance among themselves. These would be on their economic activities, knowledge, society levels and others to bring fair competition among others races.

The government also ensures the economic always maintained at 8% GDP every year by reducing the inflation rate below than critical point. These will ensured by Fiscal policies and how the government used or spread the properties to invest to economic growth. Besides that, government also controlled the trades’ activities over the countries to ensure that money inflow is more than money outflow (export and import activities).

Malaysia is a developing country. Some plans that launched in the Budget Report since 1957 until now shows that, government stress on various activities as to be backbone of our economic. By upgrading the capacity and established new industries in many sectors, some revenues may used by government as well as to effort of Malaysia’s development. So that’s what important Malaysia’s economic is not only for driven under government sector, but also main role by the private sectors.

During the year 1997-1998 crisis of our economic, Malaysia with past experienced of controlling the inflation risk. We also have less liability and have cut-off borrowing from IMF. Even over the period, Malaysia still can maintained its’ GDP around 6% until today to reaches the Mission of 2020 even though today’s environment, the global is was attack by crucial problems such as war in Iraq, nuclear crisis in Iran, terrorist attack, tragedy of Black September 2001, and more.

Supporting by industrial of petroleum, with the increasing prices of oil, Malaysia still stand up with higher profit from this industry which subsidiaries under PETRONAS Bhd. Not only have that, government also got high values of profits with billion Ringgit came from TNB Sdn Bhd, PERWAJA Steel Sdn Bhd, and some others GLC’s manages by government. These explains Malaysia with expert programs and professional groups of political came with their formula can make this countries reaches our Mission of 2020 by not let or forget small communities to have better life in the future.

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