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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Saidina Umar Al Khattab Told About Syura

"God has left it to the Muslims to determine through the process of consultation, and as suits their conditions of time and place...

What keep them from error are fearing God and having no personal goal,other than serving welfare of the Muslim community..

Once the process of consultation has led to an acceptable view,they must join the choosen course.."

If it later transpires that it is the right course,they are happy.

If it happens to be the wrong choice,no one is accused of dictatorship...They go back to the community and start the process of consultation again"

"It means that people will press their views according to their understanding and assessment of each situation.

They will respond to one another until they all, or their majority, agree to one view.They all then accept it.

As for differences of aims and desires among some people, well we leave this to God.

We cannot open people's hearts and minds. We neither claim that we are better than others,nor judge people without clear evidence. God has not made any of us infallible. We may err despite haning the best of intentions.

Someone may say what is true although he harbours falsehood. We must not refuse what is right because we suspect its advocate. We have the better claim to what is right."

                -A beleiver always seeks wisdom;and he must claim it wherever he finds it-

Learn this:

People will be unfair to the Prophet's companions if they consider them infallible,or if they raise them above the rank of ordinary humans,no matter how pious and God-fearing they are.

If they do and then find that someone has acted in a way which they do not approve,they will discard him and accuse him of insincerity in faith. After that,there will be people who do no love God and His Messenger. They will take that as a means to attack Islam itself..."

Umar Al Khattab r.a, Second Khalifah Ar Rasyidin after Abu Bakar As Siddiq r.a

-dailogue Umar Series 

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